Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Secondary Credit Number (SCN)?

A secondary credit number(SCN) is a nine-digit number that has the exact same genetic makeup of a Social Security Number. Your financial information can also be reported under this number.

How long does it take to receive the number?

Typically it takes 48hrs, but no longer than 72hrs.

Is this legal?

It is your legal right to keep your Social Security Number private, and use a separate number for any credit related purposes. You can use the existing laws to your advantage for a change.

Due to rights guaranteed by the 1974 US Privacy Act, you have the right to keep your Social Security Number private and not be denied service due to your refusal. The credit bureaus are not government agencies, so you do not have to give them your Social Security Number.

Using an SCN properly is legal. Thousands of people have done it over the past 30 yrs and continue to do so.

Does SCN come from people that are deceased or incarcerated?

No, our SCNs are clean, not attached to any previous individuals.

Can I purchase more than one SCN?


How can I trust that your company is legit?

We are a 100% legit and trustworthy company which has sold hundreds of SCN’s and have no complaints from our clients. We use PayPal the world’s largest online payment processor to receive your payment. PayPal has a purchase protection program which covers you 100% against any online financial fraud(Click here for more info).

When filling out an application for example(a department store), would I put the SCN in place of the S.S.N.?

Yes. Also, be sure to use the information you provided us with.

Can you use the SCN Number to refinance on a mortgage?

No. Due to the loan being in your Social Security Number or EIN, it would have to be refinanced the same way

Can I use the SCN to rent an apartment?

Yes. We suggest establishing some credit before doing so. Reason being, most landlords want to see some kind of credit history to determine if you are a high risk or not.

What will my new FICO Score be?

Your credit profile will be blank. You will need to re-establish your credit by applying for credit cards and other lines of credit.

What can I use my new SCN Number for?

As mentioned earlier, you can use your new SCN Number for anything that would normally require credit reporting purposes. Use to get Bank Accounts,credit cards, personal loans, Auto loans, apartments, utillities, cable, cell phones, etc.

Can I use the SCN Number to open a bank account?

Yes, so as long as you never bounce a check or misuse the account in any way.

How soon can I run my new credit?

As soon as the SCN is received (24-48 hours).

How can I be guaranteed this will work?

Numerous people have used this technique to reach their goal of starting all over with their credit history. You can too.